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Chronic Neck Pain-Headaches-Shoulder Pain???

What could cause the neck to hurt BADLY for years, on and off? When I have this neck pain, I get horrible head aches, shoulder pain, dizziness, light headedness, short of breath, and so very very tired. I've had x-rays and CAT scans... Even blood work. What the heck could this be!? No doctor can tell me. Its so depressing. I thought, maybe its a vitamin deficiency, but they would have seen that it the blood work! right? I don't know what to do anymore. My relationship is going down the drain, I'm crying every other day, my anxiety is out of control... I don't know what to do!

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Dr Manura Nanayakkara (njmanura) says

5 years ago
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wendi_w says

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Dr Freddie Haddox (Dr. Haddox) says

5 years ago
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Chathurika Dhanasekara (Nadeeshan301) says

5 years ago
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Matt Stark says

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Rooskaya says

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jacqui2011 says

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Bruce Chamoff (hotwebideas) says

5 years ago
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Pov (povmang) says

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