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Question for fellow ladies ! vitamins CAUSING health problems ???

ok, so I am a fan of taking vitamins, my usual would be - B Complex, 2 E, 2 calcium, 1 C, 2 Acidophilus, and 1 multi. so i've never had any problems taking these up until recently. i've started having problems with reoccuring UTI's , it seems I get one and am back in the doc everytime I start up my vitamins again. i'll take them and then a few days later im in the doc with another uti... and as every lady knows they are NOT fun ! do you think it's the vitamins causing this ? if so, why ? b/c this seems to be the only thing I can pinpoint it to. it's been going on since jan. of this yr !

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Rieke F. says

5 years ago
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KimmiS says

4 years ago
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