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i met with an accident on 17 nov 2007 and fractured both my femurs midshaft .i was operated both

femurs were nailed with interlocking nails and screws on both ends of femur for both legs .i was on bed for 3 months and started walking .doctor said my right femur was perfectly united but there was little gap in left leg. i waited for 1 year to heal but i was again operated to remove screw near my left knee becoz doctor thought that it is hampering my bone union on nov 15 2008 even recents xrays showed good callus formation but still i feel pain at fracture site and cant bear weight fully on my left leg can u suggest what is the reason .IS IT NON UNION

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Barbara Bethard (RNMSN) says

6 years ago
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Kebennett1 says

7 years ago
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Jennifer D. says

7 years ago
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