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Is Restless Legs Syndrome a legitimate physical/medical condition or a psychosomatic disorder?

Those who suffer with this condition find it difficult to describe the sensations they feel that cause them to move their legs. As a result some people believe the condition is not physical but mental. Whatever your opinion, if any, about RLS might be, I would like to direct you to It is the site of the RLS foundation. Thanks, Chris

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Best Answer lburmaster says

4 years ago
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    Chris Mills (cam8510) 4 years ago

    Hi Iburmaster. I have had RLS since I was a child. I see a neurologist regularly. I find that people around me have a hard time getting their heads around this disease. I would like to be more involved in public education about RLS. Thanks.

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Sherrie Westerfield, Cpht (artist101) says

4 years ago
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Nicole (kiera305) says

3 years ago
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    Chris Mills (cam8510) 3 years ago

    kiera, it is always nice to talk to someone who knows what I am talking about. I am sorry you suffer so much. Than you for taking the time to pass on such good advice. I know one person with spina bifida and he has a hard life.

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