Do the side-effects of Anesthesia linger for more than 1 month?

After 3 surgeries in 5 months, I have extremely dry eyes and lips, lethargy, a sinking feeling in my stomach, and I feel like my tongue is swollen and I'm partially drugged. I don't have the symptoms 100% of the time, but probably 75% of the day. I had the same thing after the 2nd surgery, and I thought it was pain meds, but after the 3rd one I did not take any pain meds, and the symptoms got even worse. I told the nurse Anesthesist about it before the last surgery and she told me she never heard of that before. It is seriously impacting my life, and my family doctor could not offer a solution

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TahoeDoc says

4 years ago
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  • scoutmom129 4 years ago

    Thank you for the quick response. I do not have a dry mouth, just my lips and eyes. I also went to an Opthamologist and she said anesthesia causes the dry eyes. My family doctor did a thyroid test. It has been 12 wks now and I feel the same. Thanks.

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P. Thorpe Christiansen (duffsmom) says

4 years ago
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