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Can Alcoholics Anonymous continue to exist with it's very old 12 traditions?

Many of these traditions are the foundation of a wonderful fellowship, however, it seems the some of the traditions are becoming obsolete such as self supporting through our own contributions, parts of the anonymity traditions and affiliations. There are so many meetings with expenses such as rent, coffee literature, etc. that it's becoming economically impossible to survive. This program has saved so many lives and helped so many people throughout the years, I'd hate to see it dissappear because of a fear of changing with the times. Sometimes, like it or not, things have to update.

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IDONO says

4 years ago
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    sian crook 4 years ago

    The beauty of AA is non affiliation and anonymity.We can all find a "where to find".The message of sobriety and past experience an anathema to the pre contemplative. Pearl before swine comes to mind. Would corporate sponsorship attract or repel

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Eric L. Andrews says

4 years ago
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sian crook says

4 years ago
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