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Those who have mental illnesses can you be honest enough to share a time you thought you'd quit?

Can you tell about a time that you didn't think you were not gonna make it through, because you were in such despair and discouragement ruled your mind? How'd you get through it? Anyone feel free to encourage through a discouragement?

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backporchstories says

4 years ago
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    monicaortegamon 4 years ago

    backporchstories, Thank you so much for sharing and being honest I can relate very much with you answer. I am highly encouraged by your faith, faith that no matter what happens you are managing despite the hardships. Monica :)

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alexarpoe says

4 years ago
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    alexarpoe 4 years ago

    I was put on several medications and medication regimens before finally finding the right therapist, psychiatrist, and medications. I try to write about this type of thing quite often because my experiences have led me to become a huge advocate of me