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I hit my head and I don't know if I have a concussion or not.

When I was at work today a box full of bags fell and hit me on the top of my head. It weighed about 25 lb and I almost blacked out for just a second. I only cried out of shock, I finished working fine but now I am worried because my heck and back hurts really bad, and while I was at work I could have sworn that my pupils were unequal but I may have been just seeing things because I asked several people and most couldn't see that. There is no bump on my head but I have a headache and I think my vision is blurrier than normal. Is this cause for concern? I have been hit harder and been fine.

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teamrn says

4 years ago
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    Virginia Davis (Virginia Lea) 4 years ago

    I'm thinking the pupils was just my imagination although I could have sworn one was bigger, they are normal now. But yes I'm thinking the impact is why my back hurts...

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andrew savage says

4 years ago
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