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Does the modern, cosmopolitan and fairly independent woman need a man (long-term) in her life?

I know the question is vague but I am looking for a variety of opinions. Not just the feminist, anti-feminist diatribe that tends to dominate these discussions. Furthermore, if you believe modern, cosmopolitan woman needs men. In what capacity? Marriage, live in partner, it depends. Assuming finances are taken care of, what else would a man bring to the table.

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Jonathon Kennedy says

4 years ago
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    Justin Muir 4 years ago

    Excellent response. Just wish I had more than 250 words to write a follow-up. I guess what I am really grasping at is the issue of quality. Husband vs. Live in Dad. Friend vs Sperm-Donor. There must be a study. BTW: Friendship has survival value.

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Jesse Claffee (jclaffee) says

4 years ago
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Captainausume says

4 years ago
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