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If your life was a dream, how would you portray it?

Some people say our life is a dream. If that were true for you, provide some of the details of that dream. Is it all symbolic? Is it real or unreal? Was it joyous or sad? Please share!

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Best Answer Giddy Geezer says

4 years ago
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whonunuwho says

4 years ago
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    Rev Bruce S Noll HMN (Born2care2001) 4 years ago

    Great answer whonunuwho!

    Better to be "standing in a raging river strewn with rocks and boulders" and be unable to swim than to be laying down gasping for your next breath!

    I am so grateful for your answer because it resonates with my view of life.

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Paula (fpherj48) says

4 years ago
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