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Can pentasa cure terminal ileum ulcers?

@Amy, I asked a question about long term diarrhea. You suggested me to do a endoscopy to find the actual cause. Over the couple of months I have gone through all these tests. My colonoscopy result found ulcers in the terminal ileum besides H. Pylori. My doctor said I do not have crohn. Now I am treating the H. pylori infection. He also said if the symptom persists even after the H. pylori treatment he will prescribe Pentasa to heal the intestinal ulcers. Do I consider myself as crohn patient? How to diagnose autoimmune disease? Or, I just have non-specific ulcers?

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4 years ago
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    tnvrstar 4 years ago

    Thank you Amy for your detailed answer. I will ask more questions if necessary. Fortunately I did not lose much weight. My last CBC blood count was normal too. Biopsy for the crohn is also negative. I hope everything will be fine.

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