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Have you used Biomedical therapy for treating Autism? Has it improved your child's quality of life?

I have been researching alternative Autism therapies such as Diet, Chelation Therapy and the effect that toxins can have on a person with Autism in general. These therapies are very costly here in Ireland. As I know these therapies are more widely recognized and used in other countries (although they are now regularly being used here too for those that have the money) I am very keen to know what other Hubbers experiences of Biomedical treatments for Autism have been. From your own experience would you recommend having a full batch of tests done and going down this route? Thanks for your input.

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bh193 says

4 years ago
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    Mary Kelly Godley (thewritingowl) 4 years ago

    Thanks for your comment, I am not religious myself but I am glad it is a comfort to your family. I am glad too that your brother has so much positive support that can make all the difference too. Best of luck.