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Do you form your belief system from other people's ideas or from your own reasoning and evaluation?

The video 'Esoteric Agendas' makes the following statement: "... 87% of the population formulate their belief structure according to other people's ideas. Only 13% formulate their beliefs on logic and evaluation."

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Sid Kemp (SidKemp) says

3 years ago
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  • LifeAbundance 3 years ago

    My answer is actually a question. How would the producers of this movie know for certain that 87% get their beliefs from others? I don't think most people would even admit to this... this however is my own opinion and based on my own observation.

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Borsia says

3 years ago
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    Gary R. Smith (Emanate Presence) 3 years ago

    Thank you for answering.


mikeq107 says

3 years ago
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