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Does a vaccination against pneumonia make any sense while taking antibiotics?

Doc said, go ahead and get this vaccination. It is OK. I don't understand it. Pneumonia vaccination is against the pneumococcus bacterium, so it contains this bacterium. Taking antibiotics at the same time of vaccination... Hmm, the antibiotic kills the vaccine; however, the bacteria in the vaccine are probably not alive... Does anybody know the right answer? I think it is confusing.

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Best Answer Catherine Tally (cat on a soapbox) says

3 years ago
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DrMark1961 says

4 years ago
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innerspin says

4 years ago
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    Maria Janta-Cooper (jantamaya) 3 years ago

    Thanks. This is a broadband antibiotic, but I think Cat on a soapbox 'hit' it right. In the vaccine are dead bacteria, so antibiotics can't kill it. It's already dead. So, it makes probably sense to use antibiotics and vaccination at the same time.