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Does microwaving water do something to the molecules?

Other than the obvious, does microwaving over heating water up in a kettle do something particular to the molecules that makes it dangerous to drink? I heat up water all the time in a cup in the microwave, but someone said not long ago that it is not recommended to microwave because it mutates something in the water? I thought this had to be crazy, and even if it were true is it better to drink water heated in a different way? Wondered if others have heard of this and their thoughts. Thanks.

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Jim Miller (JimTxMiller) says

4 years ago
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    Paula (oceansnsunsets) 4 years ago

    Thanks Jim, that makes the most sense. People spread this very wholeheartedly, one almost has to wonder. I didn't think it made sense, but wanted to hear feedback from those even with different views. Thanks for yours.

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cassandralea says

4 years ago
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