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What to do and take for bad nervous

How many people have bad nervous and how to stop having bad nervous? How do you take care of the nervous system? What can I do. and what can I drink to help calm down.I hear that some tea helps. But what kind of tea? and what other things will help what kind of Vitamins to take? And when we have bad nervous can it cause you to go to the bathroom more all so have something like Diarrhea or be constipartion . Dose it help to Exercisrs if you are a slim and how much Exercisrs should I be doing?

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Paul Maplesden says

3 years ago
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    debfrench 3 years ago

    Thanks for your help.Iam on Anti-anxiety medication. But I am tierd of taking pills I'll Exercise, eating well and getting plenty of sleep . By the way this all started when I was in my 40 I am now 56. How old are you.?Have you had bad nervous