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What do they mean when they say, "mindfulness" meditation?

It sounds cool--like something I'd want to try--and I've found several "definitions" on the web and descriptions, but little consistency between them. Is there a book about it? Is it something to do with a religion, or secular in nature? Does "modern science"/mainstream science endorse it or is it on the fringes? Do any of you practice it? How often should it be done to be effective? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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Gary R. Smith (Emanate Presence) says

3 years ago
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    Gary R. Smith (Emanate Presence) 3 years ago

    Laura, a thought came. We could have a brief Skype video conversation between us about mindfulness meditation and video capture it for a hub. If you have interest, we can go to email....

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Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

3 years ago
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    Laura Schneider 3 years ago

    Wow! I meditate, but not this way--I work on either changing how I feel or blocking conscious thoughts to see what sub-conscious thoughts come in. I really like your description of of "mindfulness" meditation, which I look forward to trying today!

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Jewels says

3 years ago
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JThomp42 says

3 years ago
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