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Is addiction curable?

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Best Answer somethgblue says

2 years ago
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    James Bowden (Jlbowden) 2 years ago

    Since you're an expert in the field, you should write a self help hub about it. It would benefit many out there like yourself. And I'm sure would be greatly appreciated by the rest of the community. To add I would love to read it.

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crackerjack9 says

2 years ago
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James Bowden (Jlbowden) says

2 years ago
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Steve Burgess says

2 years ago
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    somethgblue 2 years ago

    It has nothing to do with will power, if it did anybody could do it. Less than 1% of addicts ever get clean for the rest of their lives, period end of story. You are clearly misinformed, as a recovered addict I am an expert on the subject!