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Have you considered not signing up for health care insurance under the new health care reform?

We had an agent come in and talk with us the other day at my job (which does not supply insurance), and he told us that the fine we get if we fail to sign up is 1% of our annual income. If I have an annual income of $20k, that's only $200, vs the plans I saw which had me paying $101-$250 per month with a $30-$50 dr visit co-pay and a $6,0000 deductible. Hmmmmm

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junkseller says

3 years ago
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    Christin Sander (ChristinS) 3 years ago

    I agree with this. Don't go through an "agent" - do the research yourself. If your state has an exchange, you can get very reasonable rates and actually have coverage instead of paying a fine and hoping nothing catastrophic happens to you.

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watergeek says

3 years ago
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    Nicola Thompson (ThompsonPen) 3 years ago

    I see you and I have similar ways of thinking. I'd much rather use that money on the organic and healthy foods I eat and taking care of myself over all!

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P. Thorpe Christiansen (duffsmom) says

3 years ago
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