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What are the psychological makeup and qualities of people who elect to believe and argue

conspiracy theories, most of which have no basis in reality nor credibility and it oftentimes quite fallacious? What draws people to pure conjecture instead of using inductive and deductive logic in terms of beliefs and analyzing arguments?

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Best Answer Dr Billy Kidd says

2 years ago
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    Chris Neal 2 years ago

    That's beautiful! I'm going to frame that and hang it on my wall!

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manatita44 says

2 years ago
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Sri T (the mystic) (Sri T) says

2 years ago
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    Kiss andTales 2 years ago

    I so agree Sri T that instead of things going into a uphill success of improvement for all ,it is sliding down hill ,like a land slide not that people are not trying many have college education ,and no Job.

    But student debt!

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Kiss andTales says

2 years ago
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