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What makes some people in the United States willingly embrace & content/satisfied

being socioeconomically poor &impoverished, always being in a precarious socioeconomic situation when the socioeconomic roof could fall any day? What makes some people being happy with living at the bottom of society, always being on the outside, looking in; barely existing/surviving at the most basic/rudimentary level, being preoccupied with the lower human needs; & content with the scraps of society?

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Best Answer Marie Brannon says

23 months ago
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H.B. Fortinberry (hfortinberry) says

24 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 23 months ago

    I am giving you a psychological hug at the moment. What you have eloquently elucidated is very SPOT ON. Being poor/in poverty in the United States is a mindset, psychology & consciousness among many people. They are also very negative people.