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If you were unlucky enough as a college graduate or postgraduate to have obtained a Mcjob,

would you see this Mcjob as a stepping stone, using IT as an opportunity to learn needed skills, grow, & seeing it as a VERY STRONG impetus to your future success or would you become EXTREMELY RESIGNED to your abysmal fate, give up, knowing that you have absolutely a VERY BLEAK and DEADEND future in addition to feeling inferior by virtue of this Mcjob?

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Don A. Hoglund (dahoglund) says

23 months ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 23 months ago

    I was talking about Mcjobs AFTER one graduates from either college or grad school not DURING college which is understood. Having a Mcjob AFTER being degreed does have a stigma attached to it, h/she is onsidered to be stupid for having such a job..

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