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is there a health condition called 'clinic' or 'hospital' hypertension?

This question may sound odd but the father of a friend of mine went for a checkup.The nurse took his blood pressure and declared it very high.When the doctor saw the patient and took the pressure again he got a high reading too.They knew based on the reading that he was headed for a stroke so they gave him some tablet to lower it.When the reading was lower they allowed him to go home. he walked home and collapsed when he got home. His daughter, a nurse, found out what was done and was upset. When she took his pressure it was very low. Does her father have anxiety about visiting a doctor?

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Larry Fields says

5 years ago
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    Sherrie Westerfield, Cpht (artist101) 4 years ago

    I had seen this in my son, and in my father. Most of the time they where afraid they would get a shot.


Danial Suleman says

6 years ago
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