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Why does my lower back hurts when I do abs workout?

I lay down on my back and do several different sit-ups, sometimes with the upper body, sometimes with the legs getting up and down. But my lower back always hurt. I can feel a gap between my back and the floor when I lay down on my back.

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Danny Sparks (sparksdaniel2000) says

5 years ago
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Catherine Tally (cat on a soapbox) says

3 years ago
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Anne-Marie (grejotte) says

6 years ago
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revortay1 says

6 years ago
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The Examiner-1 says

3 years ago
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Shawn McCconnell (McConnell Group) says

6 years ago
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mixfitness says

6 years ago
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creator of wonder says

6 years ago
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Deborah J. Myers says

6 years ago
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dabeaner says

6 years ago
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atafoy says

6 years ago
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quickabs says

6 years ago
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Sandra M. Urquhart (Etherealenigma) says

3 years ago
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Anna Marie (annajazz) says

2 years ago
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lanealanea says

6 years ago
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ultimatekboxing says

5 years ago
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Avinesh Prahladi (AvineshP) says

2 years ago
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Healing Herbalist (cloverleaffarm) says

2 years ago

johnsilvester12 says

4 years ago
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Amethystraven says

3 years ago
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edhan says

3 years ago
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Mightyheidi says

3 years ago
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Chris Smith (Businessonly247) says

2 years ago

epsonok0 says

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