Hi Deborah, I have an 8 yr old with 25-30 warts on his hands going on 2 yrs. One is HUGE. We tried

all the over the counter remedies but they have not worked. We also had them 'burned' off by a doctor at which point they came back with a VENGENCE! I am currently putting tea tree oil on the warts and bought a bottle of collodial silver. I am a little nervous about the collodial silver because I have heard of negative side effects. That brings me to you about the coq10...what dosage would I give to my son? He weighs about 55-60 lbs and is 8 yrs old. I would trust the advice of a mom who has used this method with their own child =) . Any advice is greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Rory

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6 years ago
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5 years ago
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6 years ago
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