my 7 year old son has a lazy eye and his sight in his right eye is very bad and the left eye...

isn' much better. he was jus diagnosed with it this year as it it not always noticable. when he was 2yrs old i noticed it and took him to his baby nurse who told me that he would grow out of it. in the future, when he is old enoughe is there any surgery he could have that would make him see without glasses or contacts or will he always have to wear them. he is currently patched on his bad eye 6hrs a day and wears high perscription glasses and has a ver hard time seeing anything. im heartbroken i didn't take it further years ago. can u give me advice, gillian, Dublin, Ireland. thank you.

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Pollyannalana says

6 years ago
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Ralph Deeds says

5 years ago
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