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I am "pissed off" today! Am I the only one?

My sister left today on an all expenses overseas trip for her family for an entire month from my mother for Christmas. I got nothing of the sort and nor did my brother (there are 3 of us). To add more salt to the wounds, her household costs are also being covered so that she doesn't have to worry about any bills upon return. What?! (I really want to say "What the F*#%!) Can you believe that! I am disappointed, mainly in myself, for being so damned in emotional angst, envy and hurt as I should've learned by now who is the "favourite". Gee...another one bites the dust huh! How about you?

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kallini2010 says

6 years ago
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Disillusioned (C.V.Rajan) says

6 years ago
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John B Badd says

6 years ago

surlyoldcat says

6 years ago

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