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What did you crave during pregnancy?

What did you crave while pregnant? I have 4 children. With my oldest son I craved banana popsicles and fireballs. With my middle son I craved watermelon and fried squash which I had never eaten before. With my youngest son I craved chocolate Oreo ice cream and roast beef. With my daughter I craved crushed ice. I stopped counting at 104 pounds of ice and I didn't start craving that until the last month of pregnancy. Take a sec and share what you craved or maybe you are craving now. Thank you for your time and for sharing with us.

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runrchic1 says

6 years ago
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Mishael Austin Witty (workingmomwm) says

6 years ago
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Mumby says

5 years ago
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Pauline Davenport says

4 years ago
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