My fiancee, 90% of the time, is a dream. She is warm, sweet, fun, and a great mother. But out...

of the blue, she can be terribly jealous. She often assumes I am looking at other women when she noticed them before I do. Some people say to ignore it, so as not to feed it. Others say to nip it in the bud and say "I don't appreciate this at all, it could ruin our relationship". She was married to a man who used to beat on her and now she's with me, and I'm (dare I say) extremely friendly. It bothers her that I talk to the (male or female) grocery store clerk, for example. I try to give her lots and lots of love, and tell her how much I love her every day. Have you any advice?

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meow48 says

5 years ago
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hillrider says

6 years ago
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