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There are various treatments available for the arthritis that includes surgeries, ointments, oral drugs, body massage, etc. These treatments of arthritis are effective but you can treat arthritis easily with the help of the home remedies. The best benefit of home remedies is there are no side effects at all.

The home remedies that will help you to overcome arthritis are as follows:

1. Sunbathing is the best way to combat arthritis. You need to take the morning sunlight on the area which is affected by the arthritis. Suppose you are facing the joint the pain in knees then keep them exposed to the sun for about 10 minutes in a morning. This will help to improve the production of the synovial fluid the helps the friction in the joints the cures arthritis. This is one of the best arthritis home remedy.

2. To relieve the pain of arthritis and improve the blood flow in the region you must do the massage with the help of the warm olive oil. You can also use the coconut oil or castor oil for the same thing.

3. Turmeric powder is found to be affective against the arthritis. You can daily take the about 5 mg of turmeric powder with warm water or milk. This helps to cure arthritis.

4. If you have gained too much of weight, then please lose those extra pounds because they may be the reason for the arthritis. You can do this by cutting the fat inducing diet or by walking daily for about 10 minutes.

5. Increase the intake of Vitamin C in your daily diet. Otherwise you can do this by drinking the lemon juice daily. The combination of the lemon juice and honey is found to be more effective in treating arthritis.

6. It would be superb remedy for arthritis if you relax for 20 to 30 minutes daily in the warm water. This will help to improve the blood flow in the affected parts. You will note a significant improvement by using this technique.

7. For the relief from the arthritis pain you can either rub the hot vinegar against the aching joints or give a massage with the warm water.

8. Juice extracted from the potatoes mixed with the water in the equal ratio can help you to overcome arthritis. It is better to take this juice in the morning to get better results.

9. Massaging the affected area with the mixture of camphor and mustard oil is a very effective home remedy. You can prepare this mixture by taking 100 grams of mustard oil and 5 grams of powdered camphor. Mix it thoroughly. Keep the mixture in sun for the one day. You need to apply this medication on the affected area twice in a day to get the permanent relief from arthritis.

10. Use of the dandelion leaf can help you to treat arthritis. You need to eat the leaf extract on this leaf in the daily morning for about 3 weeks to see the desired effect.

11. Include the garlic in your daily diet. This will help you to combat the arthritis pain. In some months you will recognize a good relief from the arthritis.

12. Taking alfalfa tea twice a day is very effective home remedy for arthritis. It improves the blood circulation that minimizes the inflammation and swelling. This later on increases the friction in joints that work on smoothly without any pain.

13. The mixture of kerosene and olive oil (1:2) is a very good liniment for the affected joints. You need to massage this mixture on the affected parts for about 15 minutes. This will relieve the pain and will improve the joint movement.

14. Avoid immobility; don't sit at one place just to avoid the pain. This will make the condition more severe. You need to keep the joints in motion otherwise they will get damaged permanently. But this doesn't mean you should do excessive exercise.

15. Increase the intake of Vitamin D3, calcium, and zinc supplement in your diet to overcome the arthritis.

16. Eat lots of vegetables and drink the carrot juice daily. This will help to improve the functioning of your joints.

17. You can even eat the clove of garlic every day to cure arthritis. It is rather difficult to eat clove of garlic, so you can either fry it with castor oil or ghee to avoid spicy nature of it.

18. Eating bananas helps to increase Vitamin B6 in the body. You can see the tremendous improvement in your condition by eating the bananas daily.

19. Green gram soup in combination with the cup of water and a single clove of garlic mixture helps to overcome the arthritis.

20. One of the most effective treatments of arthritis is Guggulu. It is an herb that you can buy from the local natural medicine shops. Eat about 5 mg of Guggulu daily with warm water after meals to combat arthritis.

21. Sesame seeds soaked overnight in water must be eaten in the morning to avoid the problem of frequent joint pains due to arthritis.
These are the simple home remedies for arthritis.

Note: These remedies are 100% natural and don't have any side effects if you take them as mentioned and for limited time period. Also, remember that if you are taking any medications for treating arthritis, don't stop the medications you can continue this therapies in accordance with the medication.

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

This is a fantastic hub and with so many tips to relief pain and towards healing. Thankyou so much. I will try them.

diana torres 2 years ago

i'll try this..thank you so much

taran kaur 2 years ago

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