The Emotional Attachment Of Kids With Bicycles

A Little Boy Emotionally Attached To The Bike

Bicycle is the first device which makes the kids feel like a grown up. Hence Childrens emotional bonding with bicycle is everlasting and special.
Bicycle is the first device which makes the kids feel like a grown up. Hence Childrens emotional bonding with bicycle is everlasting and special.

Everybody would have had their own bicycles in childhood. Do you still remember how proud you felt on your first bicycle ride? The freedom and independence of riding alone could not be described in words. That is probably why every kid has a special emotional bond to his or her bicycle.

Bicycles are probably the first vehicle given to ride for most of the kids. Bicycles are the best suitable vehicles for kids on the roads. Bicycles are probably the most common means of transport for kids. It does not have any huge motors or flammable devices making it safe for them although sometimes minor injuries occur.

Alas learning to ride a bicycle is itself a great experience. When you look back after years you could still recall the memorable moments spent learning to ride a bicycle. The fear you experienced when first mounted on the bicycle, the first fall and the injuries caused by that, everything becomes unforgettable.

And then comes the moment when the kids are able to balance the bicycle by their own, the trouble to turn the bicycles and ride it in traffic are overcome one by one. One fine day a brand new bicycle of their own choice arrive for them. Bicycles are probably the first costliest asset owned by kids at that age. That is why there is an invisible bond between the kids and the bicycle.

It is a very own magic plate which takes them wherever they want to go from candy stores to local grounds, to schools and to friends house. Their bicycle becomes their prestige symbol. Bicycle ride makes the kids feel so grown up.

For girls it is a device similar to their precious bobby. The design of the kids bikes designed for girls also come in mild pink and lavender colors with flower and star designs. They cherish it like a piece of treasure.

For boys it is a way to prove themselves among their friends. Boys tend to use it to try different types of gimmicks, and more often wants to drive it faster than all the other boys. Hence even in kids bicycle the one designed for boys are bit more durable and strong. There are made in dark colors and definitely weigh more.

The pleasure of owning something, and the freedom to use it anyway they like creates an invisible bond between the children and their bicycles. In many cases the same feelings are shifted towards their motorcycles and then to their cars in later stages of life. But as the first device they laid their hands on bicycles become very special.

A survey indicates 40% of people save their first salary to buy the motorcycle they have been craving for and in the same way 36 % people still have their first bicycles in the home unwilling to sell it or reuse it. It is not only a machine but it is an instrument which kindles thousands of childhood memories at a glance.

Read more about Cycling with your Children or in Dutch Fietsen met Kinderen.

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