Ayurvedic Treatment for Unwanted Facial Hair

Excessive unwanted facial hair can be traced to irregular menses, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), thyroid disorders, or aggressive bone density loss in women. It may not show up in pathology reports but as per Ayurvedic Medicine, it is an indication of overall health.

Some people try to remove unwanted hair from face with the help of laser hair removal machine, shavers, applying wax, threading, electrolysis, hair removal oils, creams for removing unwanted hair. In the initial phases, doctors get success in treating these and you feel happy, relaxed, and confident but then after a few months, your hair start growing back in and when it happens, they come full blown, actually making your facial appearance worse than before. So what you need to do about this. Read on.

It is interesting to note that unwanted hair on face can be removed by regular use of ayurvedic herbs like Ashok, Lodhra, Shatavari, Abhrak Bhasma, and Mandur Bhasma. However, the course must be taken under guidance of a well experienced Ayurveda physician and it takes a lot of time in removing them naturally. The best idea is to first of all erase the root cause of unwanted facial hair and then start a targeted natural medicine course.

18-year-old beautiful Indian female model in California.
18-year-old beautiful Indian female model in California. | Source
  1. It is also recommended not to try over-the-counter or prescription birth control pills and products as they may give temporary relief but in the long run may not attend underlying problems.
  2. Regarding PCOS, many women wonder that they have excess facial hair on their chin, cheeks, and upper lips but they are not diagnosed to have PCODor thyroid, then what is the case.
  3. For them, I would like to say that if it does not show up in medical reports that do not mean that you don’t have it. Sometimes, many women don’t show up on medical tests as their symptoms are very mild or the disease is in the remission phase. For example, a diabetic may have the disorder way back but may show up in reports only after a period.
  4. If there is indication of increased testosterone levels in path reports, then it means that that the thyroid gland is malfunctioning and your need to address this problem on a very strict basis with diet regulation.
  5. Ayurveda is the only science which thinks about future and quality of life of the patients. According to Ayurveda, diet implies to intake of food at same times every day. Nature of food should be same like light breakfast and dinner and a good meal. Items like rice, pickles, curds, green chilies, processed foods, peas and bakery products should be abstained
  6. Food should be prepared without salt and rock salt can be added later in very minimum quantities. Having papaya for breakfast and having lots of fresh fruit juice on a daily basis for 3 months will help thyroid gland to start performing at its previous optimal levels.

So above were a few ayurvedic ways to treat unwanted facial hair. It is understood that unwanted facial hair are associated with some or other types of disease and getting rid of this disease first is the permanent solution of this problem. You need to go to the underlying cause of the problem to solve it, so whether you have PCO, thyroid problems, diabetes, bone mineral density disorder or other illnesses related to unwanted facial hair, the best way to get rid of unwanted hair is by modifying diet, starting routine exercise, curing disease, and then starting hair removal targeted alternative medicine regimen.

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TravelinAsia profile image

TravelinAsia 5 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

Wow.. It sure would be nice not to have to worry about shaving!

Ash 5 years ago

how do we get to ayurveda physicians in mumbai?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@travelinAsia, yes now you don't need to pick them up, shave, or use electrolysis, just follow the advice of your ayurvedic physician who can treat the root cause of associated problems with unwanted facial hair, and they will be gone forever. Unwanted hair are related to more with hormonal issues than anything else.

@Ash, regarding searching for Ayurveda physicians in Mumbai, I would ask you to google for "best Ayurveda physicians in Mumbai" and if you don't get the correct information, then you can dial JUSTDIAL at 22222222 and ask them to send contact information and clinic addresses of some good ayurvedic physicians in your area. Best of luck.

SWETHA 5 years ago


meenu 5 years ago

could you please suggest the best ayurvedic physician in noida or indrapuram???

shruthi 5 years ago

i wnt hyderbad cnt num & how much time wil take to cure

Violeta Bocage 5 years ago

interesting... i have facial hair and it's very annoying. i didn't know i could fix it with food. i'm going to look into this further. thanks.

maahi 5 years ago

hi .. i am a girl still i have many unwanted strong hairs in my body..pls help me..gve me some permanent solution plzz.

is it also hormonal inbalance or wat..pls suggest some affordable and permanent solutions

nidhi arora 5 years ago

hai i am girl chin facial hair unwanted chin pls permanent solutions

jasmine 5 years ago

you had given names but u did not explain about, in which quantity it should mix and used

pooja 4 years ago

hey,pls suggest some treatment for removing hair on upper lips completely

jassi singh 4 years ago

could u plz suggest bst hair remove treatmnt in amrit or jalandhar

Anusha 4 years ago

Im 22 age ,i have lot of unwanted hair in face pls suggest me some solution

Arjun.k 4 years ago

Please instead for facial hair growing solution...

rekha 4 years ago

i m 28 n having lot of unwanted hairs on my face,plz suggest some rapid solution n how i contact to ayurceda physician in new delhi

AMMU 4 years ago


ram kr yadav 4 years ago

i have got many hair in chest at the age of 20.i want to get rid of it by ayurvrdic.......what are the procedure to remove unwanted hair.....

plse help it......

shwetha 4 years ago

thick unwanted hair on chin... please help

anshu 4 years ago

i have got many hair in chest and face at the age of 30.i want to get rid of it by ayurvrdic.......what are the procedure to remove unwanted hair

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Check with your gynecologist if you have any thyroid problem or polycystic ovaries, as sometimes hair treatment does not help if there is an underlying disease that has not been cured. Get yourself evaluated first.

kamalakar 4 years ago

Im 24 age ,i have lot of unwanted hair in face pls suggest me some solution

cyrille 4 years ago

i think it is normal?

RANI KHAN 3 years ago

I am 35, suffering from PCOD, hypothyroidism, hypertension, obesity and lots of facial hairs kindly tell me the solution. plz plzzzzz

sunil 3 years ago

how to cheeks comeing

poonam 3 years ago

i am suffering from plz help me give me permanent solution you are my last hope

ratan tata 2 years ago

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