Back Pain Relief Devices Reviews

Do you suffer from Back pain? Back pain relief devices can help if used correctly.

What is the definition of pain?

According to medical experts, it is an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience. It is oftentimes associated with damaged body tissues. Pain is a personal experience and it varies from one person to another.

So, how can Back pain relief devices help you? Let's take a look...

Back Pain Relief Devices Reviews - Inversion Tables

If your looking for a device to relieve back and neck pain, then an Inversion table could be for you.

So what is an Inversion Table and How can it help your back?

Inversion is a therapy that has been around for more than 2000 years. It's a safe and effective way to relieve back pain.

Inversion tables are just a modern device that helps you safely use this age old technique. They gently swing back allowing you to invert yourself to what ever degree feels most comfortable to you.

What are the Benefits of Inversion Therapy:

  • Relives Back Pain by Decompressing the Spine allowing fluids to flow back into discs and pressure is removed from nerves
  • Stimulates the flow of the Lymphatic system, helping to clear toxins
  • Eases pressure on joints and the spine
  • Relieves stress by relaxing muscles and tendons

Teeter makes some of the best inversion tables on the market today backing it with a 5 year warranty and including an instructional DVD to help you get the most out of your inversion table.

Teeter Hang Ups 30 Day in home Trial

Back Pain Relief Devices Reviews - The BackJoy Core

What is the BackJoy Core and What does it do?

A BackJoy cushion is works to correct your sitting posture, kind of like orthopedic shoes correct your feet when you stand. It corrects your posture by tilting your pelvis forward placing your spine in a neutral position which will ease the pain from sitting with improper posture.

What are the benefits of using the Back Joy Core?

The BackJoys Orthotic cradling system has the following benefits:

  • Relief from Back aches and pains
  • Improved circulation
  • improved breathing
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved concentration

Best results are obtained by those weighing 118 to 285 lbs.

Nubax Trio Traction Machine

Nubax Trio Review

A new product out of Australia called Nubax® is offering a way to decompress the spine without hanging upside down. It is reported to take just 6 minutes a day to relieve Back Pain with Nubax®.

Some of the good points of Nubax®:

  • easy to use
  • Safer than inversion
  • No strain to the body
  • Small and lightweight but can be used by anyone
  • Made from high quality "sturdy" materials

Negative points:

  • Only decompresses the lower spine

The decompression you will experience with Nubax® is greater than with inversion therapy so go slow to get used to the difference.

You can find Nubax Trio for sale at many locations.

What is The Nubax Trio?

How Can Nubax Trio Help You?

To get more information and see how a Nubax® is used you can visit the Nubax® back pain relief devices review. There is a demonstration video along with a guide to which conditions may be helped by this device.

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