Bee Sting Home Remedy

Bee Sting Home Remedy

Almost all people like to stroll through the countryside and contemplate nature. However, walking in a rural environment, despite being a healthy behavior, always bring some inconvenience, such as the painful insect bites. Most of us, since we are bitten by insects, more properly by beings with a sting (bees). The Bee sting causes pain, redness, itching and some swelling, and as a need to have appropriate treatment. In some rare cases it can even be a deadly sting.

What to do?

One of the first procedures to take is to remove the sting of the bee so that its venom does not spread more over the body. After this procedure, we then begin the treatment, taking into consideration that if there is something serious one should go as urgently as possible to the nearest health center. Next we describe several remedies and natural products that will help you if you if bitten by a bee.

Aloe Vera - Cut the leaf of an aloe cactus, and place the inside gel over the affected skin.

Vinegar - Wet cotton in vinegar and put it on the affected part. The acid of the liquid has properties that will enhance the neutralization of the venom.

Lemon - Cut a bit of lemon and leave it over the affected area until the pain fades.

Olive oil
- Pour olive oil over the bite area and rub.

Cinnamon with honey - Put a spoonful of honey mixed with a little cinnamon. Then add a little warm water and place in the affected part.

Ice - put ice over the affected area. Will help reduce pain and swelling caused by the bite. Be careful not to put ice directly on the skin.

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