What Are The Benefits Of Exercise For The Elderly?

Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly
Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly | Source

What does Exercise do for our Body?

There are many benefits of exercise for the elderly and you must not underestimate what a carefully designed and continuously followed physical regimen can bring you in keeping you in a fit condition. As your body becomes older many changes come into play due to the normal ageing process. One of the main among them is the changes in the metabolic process and this gives rise to an increased level of fat mass in the body. When left unchecked this brings in more complications and your level of health may come down fast. This can be successfully countered to a great extent by following a good exercise program that is well suited for your body type and level of fitness.

There are Many More Benefits to Exercise than Just a Toned Body

The key to have a healthy life even at an old age lies in keeping your body and mind active and for this you must have a good physical activity and it is a must to have work outs as a part of your daily routine. Doing regular exercises is very good for maintaining a better fitness and this must be followed from a younger age and you need not have to refrain away from workouts as you have become older now, by doing so you will be denying the benefits of exercise for the elderly.

The benefits you can enjoy by taking part in an exercise program are many and some of them are:

  • Less diseases – when you do regular exercises and stay active your body responds in a positive way and fights against diseases efficiently. By devoting some time to your body daily you also develop a health conscious outlook and this attitude reflects in everything you do. This definitely go a long way in protecting your body to have a higher level of fitness free from diseases.

  • Remain independent- by doing regular exercises you will be active and fit and due to this you need not have to depend on anybody and you can easily manage your own affairs in a better way even at an old age. This adds more to your overall level of fitness and you can stay healthy for a long time.

  • Good for your Joints – by doing the right type of exercises you can increase the flexibility of muscles and joints and this is good for aged people. This counters the restricted joints and the loss of range of motion. This is one of the best benefits of exercise for the elderly and by sticking on to the right workouts you stay healthy and active with fully functional joints.

  • Enhanced bone density- As you advance in age, your body loses more calcium than you take in and due to this the bone mass and the bone density in your body comes down drastically. This is accelerated if you are immobile and do not undertake any vigorous physical activities. By doing regular exercises you can easily reverse this process and easily get all other benefits of exercise for the elderly.

  • Enhance mental abilities and brain activities- The benefits of exercise for your brain is limitless. When you are doing physical exercises regularly you are able to feed more oxygen to your brain and this helps in making your brain mass more healthy and active. In spite of your old age you can perform better mentally and have an alert and active brain till your last days.

So, to enjoy these and other many other benefits of exercise for the elderly plan out a good exercise regime and follow it regularly to have a healthy and enjoyable old age.

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