The Best Mountain Bikes: Gear Bicycles

Mountain Bikes Are Great

Mountain bikes are quite superior to normal road bikes, because of the increased number of gears in them. They are faster and have better controls.
Mountain bikes are quite superior to normal road bikes, because of the increased number of gears in them. They are faster and have better controls.

Mountain bicycle riding requires extensive driving, both uphill and downhill. Riders have to put in lot of effort to climb uphill. Their bicycle has to be equipped with proper gear to help them get the speed. In the same way while riding down, they tend to come down with great speed in steep slopes. Proper brake system is a must to control the speed to avoid injuries.

That is the reason mountain bikes are created using all the advanced technology making it as light as possible to make it move faster and faster.

Why do they use gear bicycles specifically?
When the riders are climbing uphill the surface would be quite narrow and rough. They have to put in lot of extra effort to ride their bicycle towards the hilltop. This is where gear bicycles come handy. Let us see about gear ratio and the gear setup of mountain bikes in detail first. This will help us understand the gear mechanism better.

Gear ratio
Mountain bikes have one small and one big gear. The smaller one turns 20 times to make the bigger one turn once. This 20:1 is referred to as gear ratio. The bigger gear gives the speed to bicycle and the smaller one initiates this by powering it. The amount of power needed to obtain a certain amount of speed is called gear ratio. As more and more gears are used the power increases and in turn the speed also increases.

Gears setup in mountain bikes
Normally up to 27 gears are present in the mountain bikes. 9 gears are present at the back and 3 sockets are present in the front. This is much more than the normal gears used in common road bicycles. The simple reason being the increase in number of gears increasing the speed and the biker does not have to put in extra effort to ride through steep roads.

Gear setup for uphill and downhill riding
If you press a certain slider on the handle bar the cycle chain is shifted from one set of gears to others which give you a completely different speed. This setup is normally concealed in mountain bikes so you cannot see it physically. This is called gear shifting. Normally mountain bike riders prefer to have the gear setup near the front socket as it is suitable for downhill riding (up shift).

This makes gear shifting quite tedious for them but most of them choose to do that as they want to control their speed as they ride downhill. Otherwise they might slip and fall causing injuries. If mountain bicycle riders going uphill then they choose to use the nine gears available at the back side to shift gears to use a smaller sprocket in the front (down shift).

Gears are totally responsible for complete speed control in mountain bikes. It is practically not possible in any way to ride a non gear bicycle on the mountainous terrain. Gears help you to move the pedals easily and in turn to increase the speed.

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