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Natural Health Remedies

Frankly, there are lots of natural health remedies available out there, ranging from simple plants that you can even find in your area, to about pretty rare ones that you can only find in natural health stores. Some pretty effective natural health remedies do branch out from 'old wives tales,' so don't take your grandparent's advice aside when you're facing a little health trouble. They may have a bit of physiological basis.

Some Natural Remedies Readily Available In Your Home

Yes, there are many natural remedies that are pretty much available for you to use at home, and they often are pretty effective. Listed below are some of the common:

  • Chicken Broth. Think about 'chicken soup for the soul.' Chicken soup really does work wonders when you have a cold.
  • Garlic. They do work effective against colds, sore throats, and other infections - as well as vampires. Garlic has been proven to contain several antimicrobial and antiviral compounds especially allicin. Since you'll be using it as a remedy, it'll be best to chew and eat it raw.
  • Vinegar. The use of vinegar in traditional medicine dates back to our ancestors. While now modern medicine wouldn't always recommend the use of it, many still believes it does help with common symptoms muscle pains, cramps, joint pains, cough, insect stings, and sunburn.

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

Common Illnesses That Can Be Cured By Natural Remedies

Many illnesses that can be cured by using natural remedies are as follows:

  1. Colds - Just like what was discussed above, you can cure, or at least alleviate colds by having a warm serving of chicken soup, or eating garlic-rich foods (as well as eating raw ones).
  2. Flu - Chicken soups or other broth rich meal can also help alleviate flu symptoms. You can also use honey, taken as a drink by mixing 1 tbsp into a cup of warm water. Lemon can also be added for an extra vitamin C punch. Honey is a natural expectorant, it is able to soften mucus and slide it out your system.
  3. Fever and Headache - For this rest can be enough, but if you want to go the extra mile then try to eat more anti-inflammatory fruits like pineapples. You can also try raisins, boiled in hot water and simmered until partly concentrated. Drink them as they're packed with anti-inflammatory agents.
  4. Gout - A kind of arthritis inflammation, is a result of uric acid buildup. Gout can be pretty painful. Alleviate it by eating cherries and apple products (particularly fresh preserves). You can also use chicory roots, boiled in water for drinking. Also, you can make plasters using mustard powder with wheat flour (to make it sticky) and water. Simply apply petrol jelly over the affected area, put some of your home-made concoction into a clean cloth and place it in there. Do take note to avoid protein rich foods, most importantly beans.

There are lots of different natural remedies, and surely having a bit of research on them would be rewarding. Not only would you be able to help yourself when the time comes, but it'll also help you save some money (and time!).

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