Best Oils for Skin

Best Oils for Skin


Top Oils for a Gorgeous Skin Complexion

Right from the days of early humans oils have been one of the soothing factors in the lives of the human beings. Natural oils derived from plant and animal sources have become a part of our lives. We use a variety of natural oils in our lives and among them some of these have special properties in giving improvements in skin care, hair care and other health benefits. Here are the top 5 oils for skin that are very popular among the masses as some of the best skin care substances. By using them in the right way you can have a natural way of taking care of your skin

Best Natural Oils for Skin

These oils are inexpensive and chemical free emollients that helps you treat your skin and take care of all types of issues with it and make it silky and smooth to the touch and glowing to the look. These oils take on various roles as skin conditioners, make up removers and these can be used alone or with your shampoos, conditioners and body lotions to get the extra benefits out of them.

  • Argan Oil – this is popularly called as liquid gold and this comes from Morocco. This is well known for its anti-ageing and restorative powers to your skin. This is a rich source of Vitamins A and E. This is a natural anti-oxidant that has many fatty acids like Omega-9 that is responsible for revitalizing and de-stressing of your skin.

  • Macadamia Nut Oil - is one of the best skin oils and is extracted from the Macadamia trees that once belonged to Australia. This comes in the form of light, stable, regenerative and non- greasy oil. This has richer amounts of Omega- 7, Vitamin A and other vitamins like E with large amounts of beneficial proteins that can be readily absorbed by the skin. This gives an excellent moisturizing effect and with the texture of the body’s own natural oils this oil is readily accepted by the body. This acts as an excellent UV barrier and can help in the protection of your skin from excessive heat and chemical damages.

  • Coconut oilcoconut oil for your skin has a bountiful amount of benefits. This is considered to be one of the healthiest oils among the natural oils with rich doses of lauric, capric acids and contains various proteins that are needed for the well being of your skin. This is the best way to fight against wrinkles, tone your skin the way you want, and tighten the loose skin to give you healthy and attractive look. This is one of the best sources of medium-chain fatty acids that give good strengthening effect to the skin’s connective tissues.

  • Emu Oil – this is natural oil that is extracted from the Emu birds and contains various types of Vitamins and proteins and micro nutrients that are necessary for the healthy skin and by using this oil on a regular basis you can get an age defying look to your skin. This acts as a good moisturizer well as a barrier in protecting against stressed skin conditions.

  • Sweet almond oil - this also contains more amounts of various vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6 and E. this is one of the best types of natural treatment to your skin and exhibits excellent anti- ageing properties. This gives a moisturizing effect to your skin and gives nourishment with its content various mineral substances like iron, magnesium, triglycerides etc

Thus these top 5 best oils for skin are so good for taking care of your skin in a natural way and you can use these oils to get a glowing skin that adds to your complexion and attractive looks.

Which Oil is Best for You


1) In the middle of the day, how does your skin feel when you touch?
a. dry, I put moisturizer.
b. oily, I wash/dab my face.
c. it feels fine
d. some parts feel oily and some parts feel dry.

2) What is your usual body temperature?
a. I always am cold and use extra clothing, warm drinks and turn the heat up.
b. I am always hotter than others.
c. It changes but I usually am around normal temperature.


1. 1) A=dry; B=oily; C=balanced; D=combination
2) A=cold; B=warm; C=normal

Dry and Cold skin- , sesame oils, olive oil, pomegranate oil.
Dry and Hot skin- almond, castor and olive oils
Dry and Normal- almond, apricot, castor, olive, pomegranate, sesame oils
Oily and Cold skin- coconut, plum, rosehip and sesame oils
Oily and Hot skin- grapeseed, jojoba and rosehip seed oils
Oily and Normal- rosehip seed, plum, coconut, jojoba oils
Balanced and Cold- sesame seed oil
Balanced and Warm- almond oil

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Comments 8 comments

MysticMoonlight 3 years ago

Good information. I agree and use coconut oil everyday as a moisturizer, especially on my face. I've used it for about a year or two now and I have noticed less wrinkles and fine lines. My skin also feels very smooth and healthy. I really like the results and will never go back to store-bought skin moisturizers, ever.

I've also used almond oil periodically and really like it as well. I do not use it on my face but as a body moisturizer. It really makes your skin shiny and healthy looking and is great for "summer skin".

Thanks for sharing this info.

Sadika Alloush profile image

Sadika Alloush 3 years ago from Baja, California Author

Thank you MysticMoonlight. I totally agree, coconut oil is good for the hair as well. Just rub coconut oil in your hair prior to shampooing for 5 to 10 min and then continue as usual with shampoo. I do not use conditioner if I use the coconut oil treatment.

MysticMoonlight 3 years ago

You're very welcome and thanks for the hair tip as well, I'll definitely be trying this!

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

Very useful information about oils, which are beneficial for skin care.

Thanks for sharing!

Sadika Alloush profile image

Sadika Alloush 3 years ago from Baja, California Author

Your welcome ChitrangadaSharan.

idigwebsites profile image

idigwebsites 3 years ago from United States

Seeing the harmful effects of mineral and petroleum oil I have switched to using coconut oil. Know what, I never bother applying another batch of oil on my skin. It never feels dry on me, which is good! I believe we should feed our skin too. Thanks for posting other suggestions. Voted up and useful. :)

Sadika Alloush profile image

Sadika Alloush 3 years ago from Baja, California Author

Thank you Idigwebsites for the vote. You could not say it any better. Coconut oil also does wonders for your hair. It strengthens it as well and making it shiny for a long period of time.

justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 2 years ago from Texas

Very handy information, nicely presented! Voted up and useful! :)

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