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Bicycle magazines are the source for gaining lot of information about the bicycles and they often serve as worthy guides for bicycle users.
Bicycle magazines are the source for gaining lot of information about the bicycles and they often serve as worthy guides for bicycle users.

There are different types of magazines available in the market about each and every topic. Likewise there are a lot of magazines dedicated to print news regarding bicycles. Let us see about few of them.

Magazines regarding mountain bikes:

  • Dirt rag is a magazine which is specially designed for people interested in mountain biking. It gives all the news regarding mountain bike races, mountain bicycles, and famous bicyclists.
  • Mountain Bike Action is a magazine gives racing news, reviews on bicycles, riding tips, fitness tips, and technical tips on bikes and races.

Magazines based on BMX bikes:

  • Ride BMX a magazine released once in 15 days is the world’s most circulated BMX magazine. This gives all the details about the best BMX bikes available in the market, displays amazing photographs and gives tips on the tricks of using BMX bikes for gimmicks.
  • BMX plus is released once in a month. This is also a remarkable magazine. It is been released for many years. It gives details about all the aspects of bicycles.

Other famous magazines:

  • Bicycling magazine
    This is the most popular magazine available today. Ever bicycle rider should cherish a copy of it and most of them do. This magazine provided information about latest developments in the cycling field, gives tips on riding, health and fitness and lot of technical information about latest model bicycles.
  • Cycling plus magazine
    This is also a common magazine giving lot of information about bicycle and bicyclists.
  • Classic plus magazine
    This is another magazine giving information about all the additional accessories, and extra fittings for bicycles available in the market.
  • Super street bike
    This is more or less a sports magazine featuring all the details about different types of bicycle races, bicycle tournaments, and famous bicyclists. Along with this it features news about other sports events also.

Online magazines :
Apart from magazines which are available on print there are many online magazines giving immense information about the sport. Nearly all the printed magazines have a website for themselves present their editions online also. They do this to enhance their reach to web surfers also. This is very useful for today’s young generation who spent most of the time online.

A few other online magazines which have very good information on bicycles and bicycle tournaments are and Apart from this various blogs have immense details about bicycle and each blog contains a list of links linking to related topic. Blogs in other words have become modified form of magazines.

Bicycle magazines provide are the best source of information beginners as well as experts. They serve as a guide to people who use their bicycles regularly. Top to bottom information about bicycles, bicycle tournaments, famous bicyclists and different form of bicycles available in the marker are given in these magazines. They are far better than costly books as they are released periodically and provide latest information about the developments in the field.

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thanks for the info

john anderson 3 years ago

where can i get a Telipod bike gadget / seen it on u tube , but cannot find stockist

john anderson 3 years ago

where can i get a Telipod pilot bike gadget from, seen it on u tube but no-one stocks it

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