Control blood pressure and restrain hypertension

Blood pressure control
Blood pressure control
Regularly monitor your blood pressure at  the privacy of your home
Regularly monitor your blood pressure at the privacy of your home

Control blood pressure and restrain hypertension

We mean by “Blood pressure” the pressure that our blood is exerting inside arteries and vessels and how it is pushing their walls when driving through them in the body.
Blood pressure is high when the heart beats and pumps the blood, and that is the systolic pressure phase. And when the heart rests, between two pumps, the pressure falls down and that’s the diastolic pressure phase.
Blood pressure may rise and falls during the time you live, and this is according to your daily statement. Pressure is at low level when sleeping, but raise when you wake up, it also raise when you get nervous, exited or when you make extra body efforts.
Blood pressure when high is called hypertension and Hypotension when is down under the normal. Both of hyper and hypo tensions are an illness and a risk for the health.
Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to major complications through the body, especially tire the heart and damage the kidney and small blood vessels throughout the body; it can also generate strokes and death. Those facts are mainly due to the excessive pressure that the blood is exerting on the walls of the arteries.
You can easily buy a digital or electronic stethoscope to control your blood pressure at home and it’s really easy to learn and to know how to use it. For any abnormal pressure, it will be safer to ask assistance from your nearest Doctor.
Although our body is naturally controlling its blood pressure and genes are playing a great role in the occurrence of hypertension, but men’s lifestyle habits play also very important but crucial part in controlling blood pressure condition.

Tips to control Hypertension.

Keep a normal healthy weight of your body.
It is very important to have a light white body health and if you’re overweight, you may lose weight and at least regularly exercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day in moderate intensity gymnastics. The easy way to practice exercises is surely walking which is daily recommended for everybody. Leave your car and go in a walk through woods or public gardens to breathe fresh and clean air.

keep a healthy diet
Limit salt in your dishes and avoid foods with high level in sodium such as packaged and processed foods such as meats, bacon and ham, sausages, pretzels, chips peanuts and popcorn or canned soup ketchup, pickles and soy sauce and others. When there is too much salt, the body needs also too much water and retains it to absorb and wash the excess of salt from blood and organs. This will result in high blood pressure and massive activity from the heart and kidneys.

Eat vegetables, fruits and low-fat nutriments.
It’s always more beneficial to have a diet close to nature, and eat foods which are rich with good amounts of nutritional elements that help to feed your body and not to tire him.
· Vegetables are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamins and milk products are rich in calcium.
· Omega-3 fatty acids: in fish like krill, sardines, mackerel and nearly all others kind of fish.
· Drink alcohol with moderation and imperatively stop smoking.
· Avoid too much coffee drinks. Caffeine is a wild stimulant and can increase your blood pressure and get you quickly nervous.

Practice physical exercise
Exercises are the most important steps for preventing and controlling high blood pressure.
Exercises are effectively very efficient to lower blood pressure as like as some adequate medicines. For that purpose, you should perform daily cardiovascular exercises during 30 to 60 mn and 4 to 6 days a week. Start your exercise session with a 10 mn gradual warm-up lasting.
Walking, cycling, rowing are low impact exercises and still be the favorite and the better to lose weight and control your blood pressure. But Strength-trainings have to be exercised under expert supervision only, and it’s not recommended to practice heavy resistance weight trainings because they can elevate blood pressure.

Deep breathing
Deep breathing is one of those relaxation exercises that can beneficently help the heart to pump easily blood through arteries, but shallow breathing may deprive your body from enough required oxygen. For that purpose the heart need to automatically compensate this lack of oxygen by more pumps to irrigate more blood and that will tire the heart and raise blood pressure.
Simple deep breathing fresh air inhales and exhales will calm your mind, increase your lung functions, improve concentration and relax your body.
All that will regularize your heart pumps and normalize your blood pressure level.

Massage therapy:
Nowadays, massages are no more a luxurious therapy to keep a good health with a normal blood pressure and avoid hypertension. So it’s beneficial to everybody to go for a massage once or two times a month. It will help you relax your muscles and release tension and let you go out from stress.

Restful Sleep:
A good normal and in time sleep is also beneficial to keep a normal blood pressure. Sleeping allows the pulse to slow down and relaxes the heart and the body. A good night's sleep reduces anxiety, stress and overall fatigue.

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