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Fitness aids have come a long way since the daily calorie logs. The reality show Biggest Loser spotlighted individuals working hard to lose weight so that they could indeed be the biggest loser. These committed folks sported an armband that soon was the buzz in the fitness world. Bodybugg became one of biggest sellers as a weight modification aid. What is the bodybugg and how can it help?

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Bodybugg is an armband device worn around the upper arm, which uses the innovative technology to give information necessary for success of weight and fitness goals.  The armband itself utilizes sensors that are able to calculate and memorize 14 days history of your calories burned, steps taken, and physical activity. 

The armband integrates with web-interface software that allows you to create and customize your own fitness and weight related plans.  Within the website, an individual is able to perform the following tasks:

·        Upload the information stored on the armband

·        Enter calories consumed along with energy nutrient information

·        Set goals for activity, steps, and weight plans

·        Create a fitness and diet plan

·        Read up on important information about weight loss, gain, and maintenance



The creators of bodybugg base the weight loss, gain, or management on one main concept.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  This means that in order to lose weight, there must be an energy deficit.  In order to gain weight, there must be an energy surplus.  In order to maintain weight, there must be equal energy in to energy out.  This concept is a well-known weight precept that serves as a great foundation for any program.

By knowing how much energy you are consuming along with how much energy you are expending, an individual is able to determine and control any weight modification desired. 

It is important to keep in mind, however, that when a training program is utilized, lean muscle mass increases.  Therefore, weight may not increase or decrease in the manner an individual anticipates making it necessary to track fat percentage on a bi-weekly basis.



The bodybugg system is a great tool to assist in any program. The benefits derived from this system are as follows:

· Knowledge of how much energy is being expended

· Ability to understand the individual metabolic rate

· Control of the end result

· The ability to see how well an exercise is working in terms of calorie expenditure

· Nutrition data and reporting that gives information not only about calories but also about sodium, cholesterol, and fat percentages

· Tools to track fat percentage, measurement, and weight

· Control of how the goals are achieved

· A built in accountability system



Apex Fitness oversees the bodybugg system for its clients. There is a separate customer service line for customer problems. The customer service line is open during normal business hours Pacific Standard Time. They also have a customer support email. In the beginning, while setting up the bodybugg, support services are necessary for any problems or questions that occur during set up. Typically, there are situations where problems do occur with the set up of the bodybugg armband and web-interface, just as with any new product or service.  


The software system and web interface for the bodybugg, has intermittent technical issues as does any web-integrated product.  Apex Fitness has a separate technical support line for the bodybugg technical issues.  This department answers quickly with each call.  The technicians seem to be knowledgeable about the services and products that they are supporting.  In addition, Apex Fitness has proven to be willing to replace products that have unresolved technical issues. 



With the purchase of most bodybugg armbands, a client will receive a free 45-minute coaching session. This is the most beneficial, and unfortunately, underutilized service.  The initial session consists of full training on the use of the web platform as well as other pertinent information that will help you to achieve your goals. An individual has the ability to purchase future sessions to use for goal setting, accountability, further knowledge, or any other purpose.

The coaches are fully trained in the Apex system and philosophy as well as the web interface. In addition, they have to go through a certification process through 24-Hour Fitness and Apex that verifies their knowledge with a final exam. Ongoing training through Apex, helps the coaches to stay on top of new information, systems, and coaching needs.

Recommendations for the coaching:

· Definitely utilize this free service even if a trainer is involved. This service gives full training on using the system, which includes many features that are not easy to find but are very helpful. It will be worth your time and effort.

· Set up the web interface and use it daily before the first session.

· Schedule the session at least 8 days after the first day of use in order to get the full experience and training of all available components.

· If there is a history of starting and stopping weight or fitness programs, utilize more sessions with your coach.  Your coach will keep you on track and help you to set new goals.

· Ask your coach to help you set goals on your web interface that will work for you.

· Have a list of questions before your session to expedite the session for maximum results.


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The bodybugg has an optional digital display worn like a watch.  This device wirelessly integrates with the bodybugg.  The display gives information for activity of the current day and the prior day.  In addition, it gives the following other displayed information:

·        Calories burned

·        Steps taken

·        Physical Activity

·        Alarms for met goals

·        "Trip" set feature that allows you to reset at the beginning of any activity

·        Per minute metabolic rate within the "trip" feature

·        Time


The bodybugg is an easy to manage solution to assist in your weight modification endeavors.  While this personal solution helps to set a clear path toward your goals, you must be committed and willing to achieve your goals.  Diet and exercise are the integral part of a weight modification program.  However, this integrated tool allows you to set your own plan at your own pace with a real-time window into your metabolic state.  This is a tool that I recommend highly along with a solid commitment to change and empower your life.


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dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Wow, Laura! You're back! It's great to hear from you again. I see that you got right back to where you left off! I really enjoyed reading this and can clearly see the benefits of using Bodybugg! Thank you!

loseweightmama profile image

loseweightmama 5 years ago from Maine

Very informative hub. I have the BodyMedia armband which is very similar. It's been amazing to see the real numbers vs. the computer generated numbers from places like Fitday or SparkPeople. With my armband giving me real feedback I've lost 6lbs and the numbers perfectly match the feedback I am getting from the device. I recommend that anyone that's having trouble losing weight consider using one of these. It may be an eye opening experience. Nice Hub!

rcrm89 profile image

rcrm89 5 years ago

Good hub.

I've been using the bodybugg for a couple of months now and very happy with the results - it's particularly valuable if you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle as it encourages you to move more.

Check out my review here:

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