Books And Music Inspired By Bicycles

Bicycles Are A Great Inspiration

This article features some of the best books and music inspired by bicycles. They are sure to captivate any bicycle lover. So give a try.
This article features some of the best books and music inspired by bicycles. They are sure to captivate any bicycle lover. So give a try.

There are numerous songs and books based on bicycles. Bicycle kindles a lot of childhood memory in us even though we do not use it regularly in later days. Bicycles literally serve as livelihood for so many people. There are so many songs books attributing these feelings. Let us see some of them

Songs based on bicycles:
There are numerous songs and albums released based on bicycles. Here is a list of some rare songs based on bicycles which are worth hearing.

  1. Bike Rock by Attila Horvah's songs based on bicycle are quite inspiring.
  2. The album "Bicycle" have some beautiful songs inspired by bicycle.
  3. Bicycle song by ORBIT features some excellent lyrics. Bicycle is seen in a way a child sees it and the lyrics represents a child’s amazement in owning a first bicycle beautifully.
  4. "Cycling is Fun" by POOPIEHEAD album also have some wonderful bicycle music.
  5. “My White Bicycle" by TOMORROW (1968). This band which existed at the time of pink Floyds wrote this song with lot of Indian classical music touch.

Books based on bicycle:
Today we see so many people going around the world in their bicycle emphasizing various issues like global warming, women liberation etc. Thomas Stevens was the one who first started this.

In 1884 he left California on the cycle we see in the picture and travelled all around the world in the same bicycle for the next two years. Then he published the first book based on bicycles “Around the world on a bicycle”. The book was an instant hit is in great demand to this day.

The next person to write about bicycles according to my knowledge was Mark twain. He wrote a very interesting essay called “Taming the bicycle”, describing his difficulty to learn to ride a bicycle. However he hasn’t written any particular books based on bicycles.

Then “The Wheels of Chance” by H.G. Wells, another famous book involving bicycle was released.

How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle”, book symbolizing bicycle as woman liberation vehicle was written by Frances Willard.

Famous books about bicycle:
There are many articles written online and in books explaining the details about bicycles. The best books about the bicycle giving us lot of information are

  • The Penguin Book of the Bicycle, written by Roderick Watson and Martin Gray. This book has all the details about bicycles starting from the history of bicycles modern advancement in bicycle industry.
  • Bicycle Magazine's Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair, published in 1990 is a complete guide to bicycle users.
  • The Bicycle Builder's Bible is another useful handbook for bicycle users.
  • Richards ultimate bicycle book is the complete handbook of bicycles which gives information about all the aspects of bicycling in a detailed manner.

These are some of the books and music featuring bicycle as the main theme. Try to get a glimpse of them if you get chance and you are sure to be amazed by their quality.

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