How to Buy Cigars - A Guide for the Beginner

How to Start Enjoying Cigars

You’re just beginning to enjoy the cigar lifestyle and want to be sure that you don’t stumble over your cigar choices. Let me share with you the beginning cigar fan, the proper way to begin. We’ll cover what types of cigars to purchase and the best ways to buy them.

Choosing the Cigar Lifestyle

You have either made the decision on your own, or a friend or relative has introduced you into the world of cigars. My introduction came many years ago from a close friend who showed me how to become a cigar fan. I in turn have shown many of my friends the pleasure of sitting down to an enjoyable cigar. You will find that there is a satisfaction of sharing the company of others who enjoy cigars.

Buyer Beware in Cigars

You might think that choosing the right cigar is always important. It is, but it’s not as intimidating as you’d think. Enjoying cigars is like tasting beer for the first time. It’s an acquired taste. Your taste will grow and become more sophisticated as you try more types and brands of cigars. But remember, taste is everything and if the product is cheap, you won’t enjoy it. That’s not to say that you can’t find good cigars at a reasonable price. But, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

Educate Your Cigar Palate

As a beginner I recommend looking for a mild cigar to start your purchases with. Remember, cigars are an acquired taste that is developed over the years. A mild cigar will allow your taste buds to be introduced to the unique flavors within a cigar. Some mild brands I recommend are:

  • Ashton,
  • Baccarat,
  • Don Diego,
  • Fonseca,
  • Macanudo,
  • Montecristo
  • Nate Sherman.

You will find all of these brands to be excellent and not too hard on the wallet.

How Long Have You Been Enjoying Cigars?

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Where to Buy Cigars

Purchasing cigars is a personal choice. Many people choose to buy only from brick and mortar cigar shops. They are usually looking for the immediate pleasure of having their cigars in hand. But, brick and mortar shops will charge you a premium for those sticks. They have storage, rent, inventory and overhead expenses to cover. Those charges will be passed on to you the buyer. However, there is something special about walking into a cigar store and smelling and touching the cigars you’re about to purchase.

Purchasing cigars through an online store tends to be more cost effective. Most online stores have a vast inventory and competitive prices. They will usually ship your order quickly and securely. You will find that most online cigar retailers live and die by their good reputation they have with their customers. If there is a problem, most will resolve it quickly. Customer service is important for them.

Another great way to buy cigars is through an online auction. Many times, online auctions allow you to purchase cigars at a much reduced price. But, buyers beware; know your prices before bidding. The adrenaline rush of bidding on cigars can get the best of anyone. You’d hate to end up paying more than retail for those cigars.

Enjoy Your Cigar Buys

Remember to enjoy this cigar adventure. The industry is continually growing, and with it, the opportunity to benefit in the different cigars that they are offering. Explore the many fan sites for cigars on the Internet. You’ll find that many of us share a passion for cigars and are more than willing to lend a hand.

Buying Cigars

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