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Now the nights are closing in, it’s a good time to consider candle safety. We use candles these days more for aesthetic reasons rather than necessity. There is nothing better than candle light to change a room, to make the room look spooky for Halloween, or place one in a pumpkin to make your jack o lantern. Christmas time has its place for candles to, not on the tree any more thank goodness! Many of us still use candles for advent and decoration. We may want to scent a room or in my case, try to hide the fact I’ve been smoking in the house! When you feel the need to be romantic, there are not many better ways to make some one more open to your suggestion’s, than soft music and candle light, however there was one lady more susceptible to heavy metal and strobe lights, but you always get one don’t you?! Oh and the occasional power cut (I never seem to be able to find the candles then).


Candles can still play a role in our lives, as important as when they were our only source of light. This being so, a candle can also stop or cause unwanted destruction our lives, by taking a few simple precautions and protect your home and family, you don’t need to throw your candles out, just try to be more aware.


Here are some tips that could help you prevent an accident  

  • Avoid placing candles near curtains, fabrics, paintings or furniture and keep them away from drafts, as sparks may smoulder for a while.
  • Place your candle on a hard, heat resistant surface; please be aware of tea lights as the metal casing can get very hot.
  • Ensure you always put your candle in a stable and proper holder that will secure the candle and protect against dripping wax. Night lights may need to be placed in an appropriate holder to contain the wax.
  • Try to keep one meter (three feet) clear above the candle as there can be a lot of heat build up, so avoid shelves and alcoves.
  • Keep scented candles in a glass holder, they tend to go to liquid quicker than an ordinary wax candles.
  • Keep candles at least 5 inches apart and out of the way of pets and children that could knock them and get burned.
  • Try not to move a candle when it is burning as there is a risk of dropping it.  Don’t let anything fall into the hot wax.
  • Don't leave a candle burning; extinguish them before you leave a room. Never go to sleep with a candle still burning. And never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child's bedroom.
  • Use a spoon or a snuffer if you have one, to put them out. Don’t blow them out as you could cause them to spark or smoulder, they could relight and start a fire.
  • Double-check the candles are out. Make sure they are completely out.

So don’t take candles for granted and you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.


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JulieCarlson profile image

JulieCarlson 5 years ago from Chicagoland

I didn't realize scented candles went to liquid faster. These are great tips. Thanks for the reminder.

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