Chinese Birth Gender Chart

When you google the terms "Chinese Gender Chart" or "Cinese Birth Chart", you will find million of results. So what actually is it? In Chinese, it is called "清宫生男生女圖表". The meaning is a chart or a table from the Qing Dynasty which can be used to predict the gender of a baby. Today, the chart is popular in both China and western societies, either for fun or serious users.

The reason why the Chinese Birth Chart is so popular is because its ease of use. All you need to know is (1) the pregnant woman's age and (2) which month when the baby is conceived. Look at the chart below, a twenty two years old woman who conceived on January should get a baby girl, while a forty years old woman who conceived on November should get a baby boy.

Testing the accuracy of the Chinese Birth Gender Chart is quite easy. The accuracy of the Chinese Gender Birth Chart, however, is questionable, as many people found the chart generates a wrong outcome. Some people even claim that using the Chinese Birth Chart method to select the gender of a baby is no more than 50%, which is equal to the chance of flipping a penny.

The fact is that thousands and thousands of people are searching the web everyday, and wishing to know how to uncover the secret behind the chart, which offers 90%+ accurancy rate when using correctly. And now, everything about the Chinese Gender Birth Chart can be found in one site, which includes the history, the rules, the usage of the chart, plus many examples. Enjoy!

Well it is fun to find out if the this ancient chart for gender prediction and selection is work for you if you are pregnant!

Chinese Birth Chart
Chinese Birth Chart

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Lok Yae 4 years ago

I am very interested in the Chinese Birth Gender Chart as well. Nice hub.

fertilityhelper profile image

fertilityhelper 3 years ago

Very Interesting Hub! I have been looking up Mine and My Families and they all seem to be coming out correct. It is amazing. :)

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