Constant Ear Pressure

Constant Ear Pressure


Does your ear or ears always feel like they need popping? Do you feel constant ear pressure that is annoying or uncomfortable? Constant ear pressure can be a constant pain. What’s the deal with it? Well hopefully this article will give a little insight on why you may be feeling this sensation and a few easy tips or remedies to make you feel a little more comfortable. I had a friend that did some “frequent flying a couple of years ago. He traveled to 3 or 4 different close by states in a week. This was a first for him. Not his first flight but his first time go up and down in and out of different altitudes back to back in so close a proximity. Well the result of that for him was a continuous pressure in both his ears that lasted for a couple of weeks. This was actually a very mild case of barotraumas, an effect of flying very often. Now the pressure that you feel may not have come from a hectic flying schedule but there is still a culprit just the same. One of which could be, excessive wax build up. Believe it or not most adults forget to clean their ears on a regular basis and over time wax can build up and get so deep in the ear to such an amount that you feel a blocking sensation in your ear or ears. To relieve it you may reach for a q-tip. The problem here is that you are most likely clearing out the wax at the very outer portion of your ear but the wax that deep down in the canal of the ear could very possibly be being pushed even further inward causing the discomfort to continue and to continue untreated. Swimming and showering can cause a constant pressure in your ears. Swimmers ear is the household term for otitis or otitis externa which is an ear infection of which one of the symptoms is feeling of fullness in the ear and a decreased or muffled hearing. Showering in a strange manner can cause this if you are allowing water to roll down into your ear canal without trying to get it out. A dry ear is a healthy ear. An ear infection from sinus drainage can also cause a full feeling in the ear along with other symptoms just like in swimmers ear.

Constant Ear Pressure

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Constant Ear Pressure

 There are plenty of reasons for constant ear pressure. The thing to do is to see your doctor or an ENT specialist to get the issue taken care of. If it’s a wax issue you may have your ear flushed with this neat little instrument that doctors use to clear or clean the inner ear. Although the little tool is neat what will come out of your ear will be nothing short of amazing and darn near disgusting. Your doctor may also try to clear the ear manually. If it is an infection that you have you may be prescribed and ordered to take an antibiotic for a certain number of days until the symptoms and infection are gone. You will need a follow up appointment to ensure that the medicine worked.  


Jorge 6 years ago

My name is Jorge and I have experienced ear pressure for the last two years. The only advice that I have been given from the last two doctors that I have visited was to stop using Q tips. Which has me frustrated because I feel that there so much more behind my dizziness and my constant lightheaded symptoms...

Otto Laari 6 years ago

Really helpfull, I'v had this problem now for 1 and half years. I really dont know what to do, I'v visited 3 different doctors and they havent noticed ANYTHING in there T.T !

dbagley 5 years ago

I've had ear pressure in both of my ears for I don't know how many years. I went to an ear specialist. They did all sorts of tests and came back to me saying, there isn't much we can do for you unless we put tubes in your ears. I had no wax buildup at all. They prescribed some mucinex (sorry for the spelling) and some nose spray. These were supposed to unblock my eustation tubes. Lastly they gave me a bill, after doing absolutely nothing for me. It is very frustrating.

The best relief I've found is a method I on the internet using Hydrogen Peroxide. Pour a little in your ear and let it bubble for a little while. Short lived, but it does help a little. I've also tried giving those wax candles a shot, but to no avail.

amandag 5 years ago

i have had this problem for 7 years and i have gone to evey doctor and no one seems to know what's wrong i have pressure in my ear and down the right side of my neck, behind my ear and on the right side of my head and i dont know why i also have ringing in my right ear and i know that is called tinnites but i dont know what is wrong with my right ear the pain just wont go away even if i take a pain relife pill its still there and i dont know what to do anymore. And i dont know who to go to anymore no one seems to have an answer.

Serge 4 years ago

I've had this issue for several yrs and pop my ears all day, every day. Like Jorge, this also causes frequent lightheadedness. It also affects my ability to hear fully which can be frustrating or embarassing. Doctors have found no build-up or inflammation. I am usually prescribed Nasonex (a steroid-based nasal spray) which does offer some relief. Unfortunately, as soon as I'm out of this spray all symptoms return. My father also suffered with sinus/ear issues for most of his life so I wonder if I have a genetic predisposition to these types of afflictions.

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earspopping 4 years ago

I have also written about this on my website . One important item you forgot to mention was about how the Eustachian tube regulates pressure in the ear and that it can influence the pressure felt.

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bluntplay 3 years ago

Anyone found out what is wrong? I have the same symptoms as amandag, and have had these for about 5 years now. I have been to many different doctors, taken MRIs of my right ear/head, but they found nothing. I am going to an ENT specialist now, but they have not been able to find anything yet. I came a cross something interesting the other day, though, which I will present to them next time I see them, which is Acoustic Neuroma. Anyone thought of this before?

KShe7 3 years ago

have any of you visited the idea of tubes in your ears? I have the same issues. Its an awful feeling. Had it bad about 2-3 yrs. I was told sudafed several times a day...really?? Doesn't help and I don't want to take tons of meds. I'd rather do tubes if I can. Never had issues as a child. This is almost debilitating. It messes with my concentration, I can't relax, etc.

Heather 3 years ago

Try the tubes. I had them as a child. So did my cousin. She just got them again. I anticipate my doctor telling me to get them again to deal with this chronic problem.

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