Constant Eye Blinking

Constant Eye Blinking

What is the cause for constant eye blinking? Why does your child blink his or her eyes constantly? Why did your childhood friend blink his eyes so much? Why do I blink my eyes constantly? Eye blinking can be an annoying habit that you or someone you know started doing as a kid and unconsciously continues it today. With that, it is suggested that with time and practice one could perhaps break the habit. I’m not a doctor. I’ve only studied this subject and am sharing what I’ve found with anyone who will take the time to read about it. However, if you feel your particular case needs medical attention, please get it. Constant eye blinking though has proved over the years to be completely harmless. One cause of constant eye blinking is allergens. There are all types of particles floating around in the atmosphere some of which bother some and not others. Some of the known allergies are different types of pollens, house dust mites, mold spores, viruses, bacteria and latex. Some allergens affect nose, skin, and eyes. However, there are some that only affect the eyes. It really depends on your genetic predisposition as to which type of allergy and how it will affect you. Something else that you may want to consider is the air that you’re in the most. Are you sitting or working in dry air? Dry air can cause dry eyes. Dry eyes can cause constant blinking. Dry eyes is normally cause by a lack of tear production. Not a lack of crying as some may think, but a lack of moisture in the eye. If you feel a scratchy, stinging or burning sensations just before you blink, then this could definitely be a cause for your reactions. Some check points for you are, air conditioning. The recycled air of an indoor unit can be very harmful if the air is not humidified, treated, and or is filled with dust mites. This can be a problem in the home or in a work environment. If you have the luxury of a personal office space, then you may need to invest in a humidifier to moisten the air. Doing this may significantly decrease your blinks per minute ratio or as I like to call it, your BPM. Seriously, though a humidifier may really help.

Constant Eye Twitching

Constant Eye Watering


Constant Eye Blinking

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Constant Eye Blinking

 People who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, may also experience dry eye syndrome which may also cause constant eye blinking. There’s not much you can do there to change your atmosphere but by checking with your doctor, he or she may be able to prescribe a certain solution that will help to keep your moistened . Sure it may be annoying having to stop your work to put in a few drops of solution into your eye, but in the long run it could also help to decrease the need to constantly blink your eyes. Swimmers often have this problem. It’s extremely important to wear protective swimming goggles if you spend a lot of time in the water, treated or untreated. The chemicals in treated water like, chlorine, can be extremely irritating and definitely cause constant eye blinking. There’s no amount of time that you have to spend in the water to affected in a negative way by the chemicals, so just adopt it as a rule of thumb to wear protective eye gear while swimming. Straining your eyes by working long hours at the computer can cause you to blink your eyes constantly. This may also cause eye twitching which is different from eye blinking but still, making sure you have adequate lighting while working, taking intermittent breaks while working and simply resting your eyes periodically will all help. At the end of the day, there is no one cause or one solution to this issue. Just know that it is not life threatening in most cases and where there is an extreme case, a doctor should definitely be consulted.


mayank gandhi 5 years ago

hey , m mayank of class XI mumbai..... i feel my eyes very much weak and i m suffering through continously blinking of eyes. if u know any treatment plz do inform

i would b b very much oblijed

Darshana 5 years ago

I am 23 year old girl, suffering from continous eye blinking from 4-5years. Could you please help me out to throwot this habbit.

mimi 4 years ago

My eyes suffer a lot, they just feel too painful that cause me to tear and blink constantly. I tried to use eyeglasses or sunglasses everytime i go out coz i thought the pain was just caused by the air or too bright light. SOme the eyeglasses have helped but that does not completely get rid the pain. A few months later those signs are actually related to allergic rhinitis. Now i take my antihistamine pill every night to lessen those bad feelings.

Fred 4 years ago

This article really helps... thanks a lot!

trini 4 years ago

I have heard some of this information from the eye specialist. I work on the computer a lot and it has caused dryness of the eyes. They say that makeup also blocks up the tear glands causing it to not produce the necessary fluid for the eye to keep moist. Eye drops are recommended but I still blink a lot.

meet 4 years ago

pls tell me who i stop my eyes blinking my frnds and my parents laugh on me i wnt to stop my habbit

savitri 3 years ago

hai iam 22 years old, till now iam suffering with blinking of eyes problem, so please help me by giving best suggestions, this year i need to face campaus interviews so pls help me

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