Constant Eye Twitching

Constant Eye Twitching

Is your eye constantly twitching? Is it an annoying eye twitching movement that won’t go away or at least stays to long and is recurring? Constant eye twitching is his roots in eye strain believe it or not. An overworked eye is a fatigued or weak that develops a little muscle twitch. Most people who work on the computer a lot, maybe watch a lot of television, in the dark or even do a lot reading experience this sensation. In my culture, kids were often told not to sit too close to the television or read in the dark because you could strain your eyes. Maybe it’s an old wives tale or maybe they were right. Eye strain is not the only cause of eye twitching. Constant eye twitching may also be related to your diet. There is a married couple whom I know that were eating a certain food…A LOT. The husband started eating it first and started to complain about his eye twitching. Well neither of them made the connection between what he was eating and what he was feeling. The wife began to eat the same product and her eye started twitching as well. They concluded that it was what they were eating. They removed the item from their diets and the twitching after a while stopped. As long as neither of them ate that food, they didn’t experience the sensation of the twitching eyes. This helped them to rule out allergies because they both got the symptom. However in other cases it may very well be an allergy causing the eye twitching. If you recently started to eat a new food and began experiencing rapid short movement in your eye, remove the culprit food from your diet to see if it stops. If it does stop, great but you still may want to see a doctor to have an allergy test done so that you know for sure what allergy you may have developed. If the sensation does not stop, then it goes without saying, see your doctor.

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Constant Eye Twitching

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Constant Eye Twitching


A twitching eye could also be a side effect of medications. If you’re taking a new medication or have been taking a certain medicine for a while, a side effect could be manifesting. Let your doctor know immediately. Constant eye twitching, also known as eye spasms takes place in the tiny muscles within the eyelid either above the eye, beneath it or both. Rarely a symptom of anything serious, but very annoying, there are small little fixes to the problem. It can hang around for day or weeks or it can come and go. If it comes from straining your eyes at work because of your computer, and you can’t do anything about it, don’t expect it to go away and stay anytime soon. One remedy for that though is to purchase one of this monitor covers which dims the glare of the computer screen.

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