Constant Feeling of Dread

Constant Feeling of Dread

Do you find that you dread doing almost everything or just about anything? Do you dread going to work, going to bed, going to school, doing the laundry, talking on the phone visiting friends, etc.? Would you rather do what you want to do and screw the rest? A constant feeling of dread is a good sign that something else is going on and is most of the time unwarranted. Dread is that feeling that comes up when you are asked to do something or have an impending task that you don’t want to do or deal with. Sometimes it’s all in your thoughts others get a sensation in their bellies like butterflies but instead of being “first kiss” excited, you’re more in agony. This article will explore some of the possible reasons for this feeling of dread. Most of the time a feeling of dread is sort of a road block. Being one who does not always like to go out on my days off or when I have downtime, I have been known to dread invites from friends that interrupt the time that I have carved out to do ”nothing.” What I found though is that if I get up and get out, I usually have fun and am very glad that I went. Another aspect of dread could be view as or at least very closely related to procrastination. It may be the sister of procrastination or the catalyst into procrastinating. You know that childhood rhyme, “first comes love, then come marriage…” well in the case of dread’s relationship to procrastination, you could say, “first comes dread, then comes procrastination…” A lot of times you just have to make up your mind to get over it and do it anyway. In order to do that though, you first have to be able to recognize when you are feeling dread and also recognize it’s affects on your decisions. The next step is to ask yourself why. Why don’t you want to do the things that are facing you. Most of the time there is nothing there. In that case you need to mentally override the feeling and move on out.

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Constant Feeling of Dread

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Constant Feeling of Dread


In the case that you’ve had a past experience that you’ve repressed and/or forgotten about. As an example some people experience a constant feeling of dread around the holidays because of childhood issues or old family issues or even money issues. They literally start to dread this time of year in October and it last through New Year’s Day until about the second or third week of the January before they feel a release of this nagging feeling. But because they haven’t taken the time to analyze the root cause of their dread, they go on in life feeling this way constantly with no reprieve. Some people dread Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons. Believe it or not, some people dread pay-day and they walk around with a nagging feeling all week long, every other week of the year because they may be in so much debt that pay-day is no fun for them. Again not recognizing and analyzing this leaves little room for developing a healthy outlook in this area of their lives. A constant feeling of dread is thought to be more present in people with a pessimistic or negative view in life. The examples used in this article are simple but there is an array of reasons, hidden and overt that causes us to experience dread. The take-away here is to recognize, analyze and develop a more positive and healthy outlook.

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Anonymous 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this. I have been feeling some major panic these past few days and a lot of the thing you talk about I directly relate to.

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