Constant Feeling of Having to Poop

Constant Feeling of Having to Poop

Are you always feeling the need to “go” but can't. A constant feeling of having to poop is a very uncomfortable place to be in. You may not believe this but a major, not the only, but a major reason for this feeling is stress or anxiety. Although digestive problems come in an array of symptoms from bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea and so much more.There is something about stress that can totally affect the way you “go.” Stress can cause you to be constipated, it can cause a forceful poop and it can cause you to have a feeling of constantly need to poop. I don’t know if your rectum swells or is tensed or what exactly happens, but I do know that things in that area don’t work right when stress and anxiety are present. Some people have reported having regular bowel movements but are still left with the feeling of need to go poop. The thing is, there are times whern although you think you’ve gotten rid of everything there is to get rid of and there is still fecal matter present in the bowel that needs to be released. Whatever the cause is, if you’ve had this feeling for more than a week and you have had regular bowel movements, be sure to see your doctor. Most diseases in the body start with issues in the bowel department. I guess you can tell by my choice of words that I am not a doctor giving medical advise but I have read about this subject and also have a friend whose dealt with this sensation, in her case, it was stress. In your case, you need to know if it is irritable bowel syndrome, also know as IBS or something more serious.

Constant Feeling of Having to Pee


Constant Feeling of Having to Poop

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Constant Feeling of Having to Poop


The constant feeling of having to poop, is annoying more than anything and will usually go away within a matter of hours or at the most a day, anything longer though will require medical attention. If you have taken too many laxatives you could have tricked your digestive system and rectal muscles into thinking that there is something there to get rid of and there’s not. This will cause the squeezing effect or muscle contractions of defecation but with nothing there to release, you will need a doctor to help you out. Certain food allergens could cause trouble in this area also, so be aware of any sensitivities you may have and get knowledge regarding the foods you eat and the effect they have on your body. As a staple, drink plenty of water. Keeping your rectal track lubricated is paramount to a healthy digestive system and water allows for that to happen. In that same train of thought, dehydration may also be a culprit of constantly feeling like you have to poop. So drink up!


Person 4 years ago

I have this problem and it wont go away!

Paul 3 years ago

I also had this but i have no longer got it i suppose i just got over it my ne lasted for around 2 months and was very irretating but i did not want to see a doctor because i was embarrased but i would reccomened seeing a doctor because it is hell

3 years ago

I have this problem, i can't stay in school at class anymore because i always want to poop and its too emberrasing to go to doctors for me... Oh my god i hope this wont lead me into some suicide.

marko 2 years ago

I have same problem i went to doctors but they say everyting is fine i don't know what to do anymore i think i will do like m said.

Patrick 2 years ago

I had this problem for years now and I think is stress, but I do not know where the stress comes from. I need help.

Peter 8 months ago

I concur with everyone here. I have personal problems which i suppose may be classed as stress. I know that i can get over stress,i just hope that it is nothing more serious.

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